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Trucking/18-Wheeler and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

18-Wheeler and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

18-Wheeler and commercial vehicle accidents
An 18-wheeltruck or commercial vehicle wreck should not be handled like a traditional motor vehicle wreck between two passenger vehicles. The speed, force, and impact of an 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle on your passenger vehicle can result in serious, catastrophic, and even deadly injuries. 18-wheeler and commercial vehicles have large commercial liability insurance policies;the drivers are held to higher driving standards on the roadways; and the driversare required to follow state and federal regulations. Moreover, 18-wheelerand commercial vehicle companies also have significant financial resources they can employ to try to undervalue or deny your claim. It is,therefore,imperative that you contact the experienced attorneys at Hagen Nares as soon as possible to assist you with your case.

Moments after an 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle wreck, truck drivers call their supervisors, who in turn, call their insurance providers and lawyers. It is not uncommon for representatives of the trucking company/commercial entity, its law firms, or insurance carriers to be on scene before law enforcement even arrives. It is also not uncommon for the 18-wheeleror commercial vehicle to be fixed within days, or even hours,of the collision–before you have an opportunity to inspect it and figure out how and why the crash happened. Inspecting the 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle is necessary to obtain all facts to establish liability against the commercial driver and commercial entity.

Our lawyers know how to deal with big companies, their lawyers, and their insurance carriers. Shortly after meeting with us, we will obtain the crash report and request that the 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle be preserved for inspection. We will also send spoliation notices to all potential responsible parties to ensure that valuable information is not lost or destroyed. We will employ industry experts and gather all necessary evidence to prove your case. We will also ensure that all entities that are responsible for the wreck are notified. We will not let these large commercial companies take advantage of you.



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